Freek Wambacq
March 15 – April 21, 2013

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From a smile to a penis, ‘un air banane’ may refer to joy, to everything that has to do with sex, to a sort of inertia, goodwill without effort, and even incomprehension. When we look at the colors of a banana, with the European Commission norms for cutting boards in mind, things become quite confusing: yellow is chicken and white is cheese. However, the use of polyethylene does increase safety and avoids cross-contamination. This touches the obscure or the ultraviolet. A Dan Flavin UV light piece installed inside a Chinese massage parlor in Amsterdam would reveal Jackson Pollock drip paintings all over the place. But again, let us try to avoid cross-contamination, that would be annoying. Despite some torches being on standby or even dismantled, all factors work together, hand in hand, to construct a project. When a crab attempts to crawl out of a bucket, the other crabs will restrain him from escaping. There are only good intentions in the crab-pot and the banana republic.