Marc Nagtzaam
March 16 – May 05, 2012

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Marc Nagtzaam fills his drawings with strict patterns made up of graphite-gray, sketched webs of crosshatching, stripes, or spots. His drawings often take up the entire page and appear almost impenetrable. The use of a personal handwriting, which marks so many artists’ drawings, is almost entirely absent from Nagtzaam’s work. He has said that ‘a neutral image with a certain closedness’ is precisely what he is seeking to achieve. In his work, the act of drawing plays a more important role than th eperson who carries out the action: ‘the work of creation is visible, but the work actually generates itself’. Additionally, Nagtzaam is not very interested in the reasons for creating any particular drawing: ‘it is more important to know or feel that there is a certain sense of will behind it, within a framed space. I’m trying trying to find representations of a concrete reality, as well as those that can only be realized as drawings’. This idea is expressed in his use of scraps of text in some of his drawings and in his titles. They stand alone and offer little help in interpreting the works. While drawing usually implies that graphic marks generate meaning, the reverse is true with Nagtzaam’s work: he strips the marks of their meaning. Nagtzaam makes it impossible to conclusively interpret his works, and, for precisely this reason, seems to wish to penetrate into a deeper layer of meaning. The personal act of drawing brings into being a place where both Nagtzaam and his public can dwell. ‘The drawings are like empy spaces, parallel to the world’, he says; ‘I try to create a place that is not clearly defined’

Terry van Druten, 2007
(text from catalogue Drawing Typologies).