Pablo Pijnappel
October 28 – December 03, 2011

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‘A strange madness has overcome the working classes from nations where the capitalist civilization reigns. This madness brings social and individual miseries that have tortured humankind for two centuries. This madness is the love of work. This moribund passion for work pushed out all the vital forces from the individual and his progeny until they were hollow. In lieu of reacting against this mental aberration, the priests, the economists, and the moralists have wor-shipped work as sacred. These blind and narrow-minded men have tried to bewiser than God; weak and despicable men, they have wished to absolve that which God has cursed. I, who profess neither morally or economically to be a Christian, call upon their judgment in accordance with the judgment of their God (…)

Christ, in his speech from over the mountain, preached for laziness:‘Contemplate the lilies of the fields, they don’t work or tire themselves.And yet I tell you: Solomon in all his glory didn’t live more beautifully.’

Jehovah, the bearded and rebarbative God, gave his followers the supreme example of the ideal laziness; after six days of work, he lay down and rested for all eternity.’ (Excerpt from Paul Lafargue, The Right to Be Lazy, 1883)


Quirijn, 2011