Manuel Burgener
September 09 – October 22, 2011

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Manuel Burgener (Bern, °1978) shows how an artistic approach can be based on ‘attempts’, or how a collection of ‘non-realisations’ can form an intricate imagery. Everyday unprocessed materials such as wood, wax or metal fall together as spontaneous structures with found objects. An independent intervention with unsteady laths high up in a stairwell or a shored up installation in the open air, again and again through construction and deconstruction balance is sought out.

Burgener will not register for an ‘exhibition space’ where results dominate and works are flattened out to institutional carriers of meaning. Rather he will strike out from a ‘storage space’ within which he can deploy a multitude of gestures in no time at all, thus creating a wide field of view of nothing but opportunities. Using simple materials and clear compositions, Burgener exposes the obvious in fragile and light gestures. Whether sculptures, photographs or installations, they act as traces leading the viewer to both real and imaginary places, to a different way of looking.

The often precarious (in)stability included in his interventions, symbolises this ceaseless searching for the nadir where all communication ends and the work can start to function in a different way. The objects, or images, manifest themselves according to an ambiguous ‘presence’. Their existence is exactly in between a representation and an object, as if they were but symbols of an imaginary presence. Burgener anticipates this desire to reading a ‘finished’ result and after unravelling throws it back into the exposition area as an unspoken tension.

Burgener’s interventions originate as purposeless fragments after intensified moments of concentration. Stripped bare of any explicit authorship they claim no prejudiced, judgmental place in space, but move as open suggestions that sense, search, decode, deconstruct, grow again,…